Bob Sachs, President & CEO of TEAM Technologies

Mr. Robert Sachs brings over 30 years of leadership experience in managing research, development and production projects. He formed TEAM Technologies, Inc., a “high-tech” engineering and manufacturing firm, in 2001 and acquired Team Specialty Products and MC Manufacturing to form the core of TEAM. Mr. Sachs’s career began with Hughes Aircraft Company, now Raytheon, where he led critical development teams for a range of tactical missile programs. Mr. Sachs is the Honorary Commander for the Air Force Inspection Agency at Kirtland Air Force Base, former Chairman of the Board for the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce (awarded #1 chamber in the US during his term). Under his leadership TEAM Technologies has won awards, including 12 Lockheed Martin Flying 40, ABQ businessman of the year, and US Dept of Commerce high tech company of the year. He spearheaded the expansion of the current building to accommodate projects from Sandia Labs.

He serves on several boards including the Dean of Engineering’s advisory board at NMSU and the advisory board for the Sandia Science & Technology Park. Mr. Sachs holds an Executive MBA from the Anderson School of MGT at UNM, a BS in Applied Mechanical Engineering and BBA in Business Management and Economics from NMSU. Mr. Sachs is a dedicated community leader and supporter and, like two generations before him, a business entrepreneur.

Bob’s innovative approach to business has brought an exciting partnership with Deasil Cognitive by incubating and mentoring the team to accelerate business opportunities within the U.S. government and enterprise companies with whom he has deep relationships and a level of trust that accelerates opportunities.

John Morris, President & CEO, the Morris Analysis Group

John L. Morris established the Morris Analysis Group (tMAG) to assist government and industry customers in overcoming our national security challenges as well as protecting our critical national infrastructure. With 45+ years of specialized experience at various intelligence community agencies and S&T organizations, he is viewed as a leading community expert in Advanced Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT), Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR), Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT), Advanced Technical Intelligence (TECHINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Cyber, intelligence integration, Critical Infrastructure Protection, and long endurance drones. His ability to integrate information across all intelligence sources, both horizontally and vertically, and to focus on actionable products to address some of our most difficult needs, is widely recognized.

He continues to informally advise many senior educators and government leaders, as well as serve on the Board of Advisors of several start-up technology companies. While at Riverside Research Institute, John L. Morris was appointed Vice President to focus the strategic growth of Riverside Research while continuing to serve as the corporate Chief Scientist to help integrate Riverside’s diverse technical activities. He led Riverside’s strategic expansion into new priority areas and mentored development of thought leaders for new technologies, such as Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), CYBER Security, Advanced GEOINT, TECHINT, MASINT, OPIR, Directed Energy, Hyperspectral, and Unmanned Aerial Systems.

John possesses deeply embedded relationships with several different government entities and enterprises, such as the DOD and others. The partnership with John has added a major force for the Deasil Cognitive team competitiveness with its rivals in a fast-moving, innovative industry.

Hans von Meier, CEO CDS Health & Co-CEO Clean Disposal Solutions, LLC

Mr. von Meier is a leading CEO with an extensive history of sales, business development, operational executive experience and success. Whether it is a Fortune 500, a startup organization, or somewhere in between, he is right at home. Mr. von Meier actively works as a biologic specialist at a number of hospitals in the Houston area. He is an expert in leading emergency decontamination deployment teams, focused on eliminating environmental pandemic threats and other biohazards in hospitals, homes, offices and other locations. He also spent years as a network airborne news reporter traveling the US, Europe and the Middle East on assignment. He currently volunteers as acting president for the Houston Green Chamber of Commerce.

Whether it is technical sales, putting an operational team together for something that has never been done before, or making something everyone says is impossible, Mr. von Meier has succeeded time and time again. His contributions on projects requiring creating unique approaches and innovative new processes, products and strategies have opened doors for him with C-level executives at major public sector and private industry organizations worldwide.

Mr. von Meier has been building and running successful companies since 1991. He is gifted at finding original ways of positioning his organizations and building strong loyal teams. Making consistently smart decisions and thinking out of the box with occasional risk have been his signature approach. He is passionate about his companies, employees and products. Working to make a difference in people’s lives drives him to success. Understanding the needs of the company and balancing them with the needs of customers characterizes his win/win strategy. Mr. von Meier has vast experience in working with new products and cutting-edge technology and selling products that are still in development. Occasionally keeping his hands in the operating room, he is frequently reminded of the need to care about people one life at a time. He is driven by a passion for building companies that save and improve the lives of people around the world. CDS Health, Inc CEO, Clean Disposal Solutions, LLC CO-CEO and Skylark Medical, Biologic Specialist Acting President of the Houston Green Chamber of Commerce from 2014 to 2018

Tom Rizol, Sr. Vice President, COO at Inhalió, Inc.

Tom’s expertise includes creating companies, scaling their products and strategies, developing plans and execution through teamwork, and has been the cornerstone of success in growing businesses from start-ups, SMB, Fortune 500 and Global 40 companies over the past thirty years and is known in Silicon Valley for his expertise in starting, scaling and taking companies to IPO. Tom’s background includes operating businesses, organizations and product lines from creation of go-to-market strategy through sustainable revenue growth and profitability in high tech, networking, cloud/SaaS and services through direct and indirect channels to Enterprise, SMB and consumers globally via B2B, B2C and B2B2C. Experience in cross-functional management, multinational organizations partnering and alliances to drive ROI.

Tom is helping Deasil Cognitive to accelerate relationships with Silicon Valley technology partners and Silicon Valley investors along with investment and IPO guidance.

Kevin White, ESQ – Corporate Attorney & Award-Winning JAG Corps Attorney

Kevin, is a results-oriented, strategic legal risk operative counsel and business partner, being a progressive in-house and private practice professional and military contracts subject matter expert, with experience as a Legal Risk Compliance Manager and Trusted Expert on Leading Investigations and Audit Committee Adviser (licensed in Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin and eligible for admission waiver in most states) that utilizes a diverse skill set in proactive consultation and representation of stakeholders to avoid legal issues and complex litigation. Kevin, drawing on Risk Compliance knowledge management tools and expertise, can address legal challenges as a result of focusing on ways to decipher an array of legal concerns instead of just resolving those individual legal problems as they materialize.

Kevin provides the Deasil Cognitive organization a proven track record of legal risk management and knowledge engineering with an aptitude for processing a high volume of legal issues and a variety of organizations’ operational challenges, successfully guiding them to cost-effective/diplomatic resolutions, decreasing or reallocating costs for better returns, and increasing revenues, while improving organizational image. Kevin is instrumental in legal counseling and contract negotiation for Deasil Cognitive.

Joel Hembrock, Medtronics, Medical Device Design & Subject Matter Expert

As Senior Designer and Engineering Data Systems Administrator at Medtronic Xomed, Inc., Joel has over 23 years of experience in medical device design and is a subject matter expert in the administration of engineering design applications and complexity of data management systems. His medical device design experience includes 3D mechanical and electrical designs for complex electro-mechanical devices. This encompasses industrial design and mechanical system packaging, machined components, injection molded plastics, sheet metal, wiring, printed circuit board layout, EMI shielding, designing product labeling/embossing/silk screening, 3D printing prototyping and testing.

Joel has used, provides training for, and manages computer aided design applications for mechanical, electrical, FEA and engineering software for test and measurement. His data system knowledge spans PDM, PLM and risk and requirements management systems and understands complex processes, workflows, standard industry CMII processes and FDA CFR 21 part 11 compliance. He has experience in engineering system validation processes to define the design, requirements and testing documentation and execution. Joel excels in problem solving and understanding industry trends as it pertains to technology and how it may benefit the business. He has been a key adviser of emerging technologies to drive innovation and process improvement from design through manufacturing, reuse of data, one source of truth, connected systems and manufacturing and IoT.

Joel is instrumental to Deasil Cognitive in leveraging his deep understanding of medical equipment and HIPPA laws, and to help tie together artificial intelligence with medical equipment to sale and scale medical device applications both in enterprise and government.