Deasil means to “Move Clockwise or in the Right Direction”

Our mission is to help our customers in both industry and government advance in the right direction of meeting their objectives using Deasil Cognitive technology – we enable scalable Blockchain+ & Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Deasil Cognitive is designed to enable Machine Learning, Machine Reasoning, Active Learning, Natural Language Processing, Information Extraction, and Blockchain+ technology built into one platform.

The result unlocks immense value while providing unsurpassed performance with deeper actionable insights.

Anyone with little experience can advertise the tools of Blockchain+ and Deep Learning.

Deasil Cognitive provides over twenty years of experience collecting, moving, buffering, queueing and processing data, building frameworks around the implementation of bleeding-edge technology.

Deasil Cognitive Blockchain+ simplifies the security, management and verification of critical information across multiple agencies and prime contractors providing various services to the government. Blockchain+ enables government agencies to manage, distribute and verify critical public sector and supply chain data that is critical to maintaining the integrity and security of all information.

Deasil Blockchain+ is an encoded digital ledger that can be used across multiple systems in public or private sector networks and can be combined with Machine Learning, Machine Reasoning, Natural Language Processing, Multi-Lingual NLP and Information Extraction technologies to give deeper insights than ever before to both commercial and public sector entities.

The result for example is a much more transparent and more secure network of technologies that scales to meet U.S. Government and company’s security protocols while also providing the transparency required to eliminate counterfeit parts and goods from entering into the U.S. Government supply chain.

Blockchain+ solves a number of challenges.

  • Control or verification is executed by consensus, rather than a central body, limiting the security problems of a single point of failure or vulnerability.

  • Each step in a transaction is tracked, so if a problem occurs with a shipment, the recall of similarly manufactured products can be tracked to a more specific vulnerability point and not require an overly broad and expensive recall.

  • The incremental costs of verification are modest, and the ledger is visible to all participants, allowing even small suppliers to participate and carry out best practices.

  • The transparent nature of the Blockchain ledger cuts down on if not eliminates altogether corrupt practices that can undermine licensing and customs regimes.


  • Deasil Cognitive Blockchain+ provides a simpler way to comply broadening the set of companies that can compete for military contracts without watering down oversight.

  • Provides a Private Blockchain+ for Military accessible by invitation only.

  • Creates a Hybrid ledger with some transactions highly permissioned among parties with an offline relationship .

  • Provides Security-Based Characteristics in order to protect the confidentiality and secret nature of the transaction.

  • Enables Additional Public Key Distribution for some aspects of the supply chain to broaden and strengthen reliability of transaction credibility.

  • Provides Smaller Private Ledgers that can be reserved for Most sensitive transactions.

  • Creates adequate number of distributed keys to validate transactions that don’t require the same level of confidentiality.

  • Works with DoD to distribute the Blockchain+ network over domestic military bases with sufficient computing capacity to host the blockchain servers to preserve DoD’s sensitivity to offshore data.

  • Provide local copy of Blockchain+ ledger in case of network issues and can be Distributed in a way that there are no central points of attack.