Members of the Deasil Cognitive team have worked on many Enterprise & Government technology projects for entities such as Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs & Border Patrol, DEA, DARPA, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, National Air Intelligence Center, Space Activities, City of San Francisco, Caterpillar, Tesla, GM, Ford, Delta Airlines, SW Airlines and many other Artificial Intelligence, Machine Intelligence and Blockchain related projects over the past twenty years.

Customs & Border Patrol Public Safety Water & Waste Water
Utilities Smart Cities Transportation
Aviation Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Retail

Customs & Border Patrol

This project was undertaken to provide border security for the U.S. government along the Northern and Southern borders with PTZ Infrared camera systems, ground vibration sensor technology, drones and tracking devices for the CBP vehicles and officers. This project enabled better border security and safety for U.S. Border Patrol officers from drug cartels trying to enter the United States.

Public Safety

Public safety has taken advantage of rapidly accelerating cloud and mobile technology in recent years. Public Safety projects range from equipping police cruisers with data systems to body camera systems. Big data and predictive analytics are keys to improve process and the solution and prevention of crime. These systems enable a safer and more effective environment for police agencies and public safety.

Water & Waste Water

These projects encompass monitoring and predicting failure of equipment and equipment parts. Equipment includes pumps, generators, turbines, lift stations, chlorine stations, and other mission-critical hardware used for processing clean drinking water for most of the Central United States.

We have partnered with Itron, Inc., Silver Spring Networks, Rockwell Automation, Siemens and others to provide key information that enables smart water infrastructure for over seventy different public works and private water companies in the United States.


Deasil members have worked on a myriad of projects from Power Generation to Transmission and Distribution. These projects enabled the first “Smart Meters” for companies like CenterPoint Energy, PG&E, and Southern Utilities. Deasil has also partnered with Silver Spring Networks, Siemens, and GE. The result is more efficient operations, better reliability of electrical grids, and more effective maintenance and operations.

Smart Cities

Projects range from enabling the first “smart parking meters” for the City of San Francisco, the City of Houston, and others. Smart lighting has been applied to recreational parks, Connected Buses for metro areas, Connected Trains, big data analytics for traffic patterns, and city planning. The result has enabled cities to be much more effective in supporting critical infrastructure while providing citizens safer and more enjoyable environments.


Members of the Deasil team developed and enabled some of the first Hours of Service logs for over the road truckers with Electronic On Board Recorders (EOBR), electronic pre- and post-trip inspection reports and Interstate Fuel Tax electronic logs. These greatly increased driver safety with driver score cards and speed alert notifications, providing dispatchers with deeper insights into how their fleets of drivers were behaving.

Other solutions include cargo container tracking with waybill tracking, border crossing verifications, customer product tracking, and inventory allocation technologies that resulted in a much greater efficiency of operations.

See how Deasil Cognitive has aided efficiency in Transportation.


Aviation projects that the Deasil Cognitive team has worked on range from working with airport systems to monitoring, predicting failure, and optimizing maintenance operations for ground support equipment like Jetways, loaders, luggage tugs, refueling systems, deicers, luggage belt systems, portable HVAC systems and other support equipment tied to flight schedules. The results of these projects include greatly reducing flight delays due to broken equipment and enabling the airport systems to have the right equipment at the right gate at the right time.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Deasil team members have proudly worked alongside many different heavy equipment manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, and light duty equipment manufacturers to enable smart equipment and smart fleet initiatives. Whether helping with the sensor selection process for engines, transmissions, hydraulics systems and other subsystems, or writing custom applications with first principle engineering physics coupled with historical machine data, maintenance records, communications and mobile applications, Deasil Cognitive members have provided OEMs the means to have better insights into the design and performance of their machines, helping to greatly reduce downtime and increase profits.


The Deasil Cognitive team has developed projects that benefit the retail industry, improving the customer purchasing experience and generating deeper data insights while reducing downtime. Deasil developed a custom Point of Service system to handle huge volumes of critical data during high-activity seasons, securely managing customer data. Additionally, a Digital Signage Kiosk was created to aid customers in previewing products, while assembling behavioral data for the client.

Learn more about Deasil Cognitive’s work for the Retail Industry.


Members of Deasil Cognitive have proudly worked on healthcare applications that have enabled better living for healthcare patients. Projects include facilitating home healthcare companies to provide home healthcare patients with remote patient monitoring software, and hardware solutions such as pulse oximeters, blood glucose meters, blood pressure cuffs, and dialysis machines to improve patient care. Other projects include tracing, tracking and monitoring healthcare equipment used in hospitals and elderly care communities. The results of these projects have greatly improved quality of life for healthcare patients.

Deasil is working on Advanced Precision Medicine: identifying patterns in data sets of genetic information and medical records, looking for mutations and linkages to disease; New Drug Creation: streamlining processes to root out therapies from a database of molecular structures to combat diseases; Medical Equipment Monitoring: analyzing medical equipment to avoid failures and reduce delays in surgeries, MRIs and X-Rays that can often save patients’ lives.