Deasil Edge Intelligence and AI Cloud Platform

Whether to increase customer engagement, predict failure, or reveal untapped potential, solutions arise from the relationship between human reasoning and machine learning, and building frameworks that support it.

At Deasil Cognitive, we build these frameworks: developed, customized and configured to precisely fit humans and the machines in their relationship to data and its consequences.

Machine Learning

Machine learning analyzes information via algorithms, making decisions based on the data collected. Deep learning compiles and organizes the data into layers to create a network that continues to learn and process independently.

The intent of machine learning is that data fed back into the system affects business processes through its learning with little to no human intervention. Humans are therefore not compelled to interpret the output data, but the system is taught what data is interesting and what is not, essentially reinforcing good behavior of the data.

A good framework joins data to the system’s deep learning–taking millions of points of data such as weather, traffic, interactions, etc., providing the system ways in which algorithms predict success. It then joins that learning back into business processes.

The value of endpoints is heavily weighted on the network on which they exist. Endpoints come and go, but the network is the essential infrastructure connecting endpoints. We seek to affect business processing via teaching systems to build correlations and label output data applicable for use.


Industry experts believe that blockchain technology is a must-have to gain competitive advantage. Different from traditional centrally-held client-server architecture, blockchain consists of distributed, decentralized digital ledgers, the majority of which must reach consensus. This ensures security at the data element level.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Deasil Cognitive implements systems that withstand the pressure of spikes in demand, while acting upon and processing huge amounts of data in real time: financial transactions, deep business analytics, marketing and sales forecasting, and enterprise-level management of resources.

The ability to analyze large amounts of data, create competitive insights, identify weaknesses, predict catastrophes, and mitigate risk facilitates better business decisions and maximum productivity.

Operations Intelligence

OI analyzes queries against live feeds and event data to provide insights into technology and business operations in real-time. Business operations require real-time analysis and monitoring. A platform must possess a total set of OI capabilities, containing full test suites, constantly querying the data, and sending notifications and alerts to key personnel. Through the platform’s event-centric approach, business can make instant decisions.

Cyber Security

The Deasil Cognitive Platform employs risk management and task automation to classify and tag potential threats in the data analysis. Creating statistical references to the raw historical data identifies baselines and detect when the data is abnormal. Simplifying the results with visualizations, then creating new predictive models with machine learning can predict future occurrences and aid in minimizing threat.

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