Custom Point of Service System

The point of sale system, built for large wholesalers and retailers across the country, helps businesses manage not only sales, but inventory, loyalty program, temporary and permanent employee accounts, and advanced real-time reporting. The customized system also provides secure transactions and protects user data.

High Capacity Data

Deasil created a POS System that uses the Apache Cassandra database for its high performance and ease of scaling as clients’ businesses grow. The national point-of-sale system processes huge volumes of critical data and transactions during high-activity seasons while reducing downtime.

The scalable data structure and hardware setup are capable of handling over 1 Million dollars per hour transaction during peak periods, offering a stable system to improve customer experience.

The ability to securely handle customer financial data allowed our client to increase sales volume and reduce overhead costs.


The administration system serves as a central portal for managing inventory, pricing, system creation, fraud protection, and user access.

The POS System with its RESTful API is highly customizable for businesses of any size. It is easily integrated with ERP, accounting systems, and third party development to provide solutions no matter how complex the requirements.

Digital Signage Kiosk

To help customers preview products before purchase, Deasil developed an in-store system where customers scan a product and view a video of its function. Kiosks are cloud native with cloud-agnostic deployment.

Video Display and Playlists

The kiosk also provides the ability for store owners to create playlists by scanning a setup barcode and product barcodes. New product videos are updated via wi-fi.

Data Collection

Data is collected on scanned products and most frequently watched videos, allowing the client to increase inventory where needed and which products are likeliest to sell.

A digital signage kiosk can be complemented with beacons to track environmental data, customer movement and placement within the retail location, to more effectively target advertising.

With customer engagement informed by store configuration, in-store tracking allows the client to market to customers based on their ratio of interest-to-purchase, and optimize their loyalty experience. It monitors what products are scanned, tracks level of engagement and time spent within the retail location, and tracks loyalty card activity and total visits.

The system then uses predictive analytics to suggest and push tailored advertising and notifications to customers at retail locations. Whether it is personalized ads or membership status, it addresses and improves many aspects of the user experience.

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